About LIS

You can trust Legal Investigative Services, Inc. to deliver the investigative services you need in Charleston, West Virginia. Lisa Turley, founder and Principal Investigator, is licensed through the State of West Virginia. She earned her MBA from West Virginia Graduate College in a program now affiliated with Marshall University. She also holds a BBA in Marketing from Marshall University, and has been a full-time career investigator for just shy of 25 years.

As a lifetime resident of West Virginia, she knows the people, the rural areas, and the city areas. She loves God, family, children, and her community, and she desires to see others grow and prosper. A philanthropist at heart, Lisa gives time and resources to a range of projects and organizations which offer satisfaction and great reward, both for her and those helped by the projects.

Working in the trenches and traveling the backroads of West Virginia has provided Lisa the opportunity to learn, grow, and appreciate the people of the area. Her skills in locating and obtaining information, coupled with resourcefulness, is how LIS has been successful in obtaining referrals and repeat clients. Without the people LIS serves, LIS could not exist. Thank you!