Trusted Personal Investigators

Intergrity, value and long term happy clients is what drives the private investigators at Legal Investigative Services, Inc. of Charleston, West Virginia. Finding the right investigator or detective agency can be an exhausting, frustrating task. However, by following a few simple guidelines and incorporating some common sense, you'll find that the search will have been worthwhile.

Choosing Your Investigator

The market is flooded with "PIs", but it is important to get the right fit for your needs. LIS is licensed and bonded, which is a requirement in our State. LIS is also insured, and while this is not a requirement for West Virginia Private Investigators, it might be a requirement for certain litigation and insurance cases when selecting who is best to handle your need.

Licensed Investigators

LIS is case diverse. With enthusiasm for complex and challenging issues, LIS is not limited to one type of service. LIS believes in the importance of education and training. West Virginia does not require CEUs but LIS is committed and dedicated to learning new resources and technologies and ways to improve the work product to you, the client. Finally, client satisfaction is an LIS priority! Realizing that budgets are important to the bottom line, much effort is placed on providing a professional, confidential, and useful service for you.

How are witnesses and defendants handled by LIS? Always with dignity and respect - the way all should be treated. LIS promises to be honest, have integrity and accountability, and go the extra mile for you!